Provide high quality lacrosse for the youth of Cranston, first time players welcomed at all ages, education for new parents and coaches to better understand your child's love for lacrosse. We play in the RIYLL, (Rhode Island Youth Lacrosse League), Rhode.

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In order to maintain high levels of standards and provide the best service to our athletes we request that you review your commitment level and register your son or daughter for lacrosse responsibly.

Season runs from the mid March to mid June, with 10 regular season games, this may change from year to year depending on league format, followed by season ending Jamborees or Playoff format which can run until the end of June depending on the team's performance


All programs are offered to both boys and girls programs, however, rosters may need to be adjusted due to overwhelming interest or lack of players to create full rosters.

K thru Grade 2 Program is designed to introduce the concepts of lacrosse to young children, and is tailored to developing lacrosse players' skills and sportsmanship.  League game play is designed to provide balanced evenly matched experiences.  The season culminates in a jamboree with a format which varies from year to year.  Parental attendance at practice is requested.  Practice is held once or twice a week, with one game scheduled.

The 3rd-4th Grade, 5th-6th Grade, and 7th-8th Grade Programs can be divided into Division 1 and Division 2 levels. Both play for their Division State Championship. If the number or registrants creates a need for more than one team at any age group, one team is REQUIRED BY RIYLL to play in the Division One bracket. In this event an evaluation will be conduction of the players registered in the age bracket by third party coaches and rosters will be populated.

Division 1 is a competitive division and players are expected to be committed to a higher level of both training and play.

Division 2 is for players who are just about ready for Division 1 and those just entering the league as an older player. These programs are both designed to get players prepared for possible high school play, which includes a higher level of accountability both on and off the field.

For the older divisions, please read the following: Practices and games ARE held during public school spring/April vacation.  Absence from practice is acceptable for Family/Religious/School/Illness events.  If a prior commitment involving these will prevent you from attending the majority of practice please understand that it may affect your child's playing time to be fair to those who have been there. Missing practice MAY RESULT in reduced game time play for both safety and teamwork purposes. This is a contact sport and we don't want players getting injured due to lack of preparation, it is NOT a statement about your player.