Provide high quality lacrosse for the youth of Cranston, first time players welcomed at all ages, education for new parents and coaches to better understand your child's love for lacrosse. We play in the RIYLL, (Rhode Island Youth Lacrosse League), Rhode.

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 Sat 04/27/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Cranston, Mayfield Park 8:30 9:45  CLC Boy's 7/8 D1 Game CYLax B7/8 DI Black Moved to Mayfield Park #1199   
9:45 11:00  CLC Boy's 7/8 D2 Game CYLax B7/8 DII White Moved to Mayfield Park #1221  DS 
11:00 12:15  CLC Boy's 5/6 D1 Game SCYL B5/6 DI Black Moved to Mayfield Park #1196  SM 
12:15 13:30  CLC Boy's 3/4 Game BYLAX B3/4 Moved to Mayfield Park #1207 Locked  SM 
14:45 16:00  CLC Girl's 7/8 D1 Game CYLax G7/8 DI Blue Moved to Mayfield Park #1230 Locked  DS 
16:00 17:15  CLC Girl's 5/6 D2 Game EBAY G5/6 DII Gold Moved to Mayfield Park #1018 BOTH  SM 
17:15 18:30  CLC Girl's 7/8 D2 Game WPAL G7/8 DII White Moved from Doric to Mayfield #1017   SM 
North Kingstown, Quonset #4 12:30 13:30  NK G3/4 Black Game CLC Girl's 3/4 Game #1032 BLOCKED   
Rumford, Myron J Francis School 11:30 12:30  PROV -Ep G1/2 Game CLC Girl's 1/2 NEW FIELD LOCATION: Game #1233  SM